Digital product strategy and design

Glad to have you here.

NON is focused on design and innovation. We like to question everything and solve challenges throughout design thinking. Identifying new ways to serve people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors and desires, crafting new brand experiences, products and businesses—this is NON.

Wondering what we do?

We put business needs and ideas into practice. Through design thinking, we create inspired products, services and experiences meant to serve and support people.

There is no recipe. But we make sure we have the best ingredients.

Our agency consists of full time employees and associates. Experts who agreed on devoting a portion of their time and talents to us. We build on different opinions but refuse the one idea that makes everybody happy. That never works big.

Our playground goes far.

We have offices in Iasi and Antwerp. That gives us a particular ease in working across all European markets. But we go beyond that. We work everywhere and our clients come from all over the world.

Waasland Shopping Center. Interactive shopping experience.

NON partnered with Waasland Shopping Center to create an interactive display solution that brings the customer’s shopping experience to another level.



We start off on our journey in life with an immense desire to play.

Imosnap. Real Easy Estate.

Imosnap is a real estate platform that brings an easy and simple solution to both agents and clients.

Putting all the pieces together

Putting all the pieces together

I prefer to be focused on the quality of the work and how can I be better at what I do. That’s the real challenge, believe me!

Hybrid Server. The perfect tool for powerful marketing.

Hybrid Server is a powerful web-based e-marketing tool provided by the Belgian agency Hybrid Media.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Believe in you, not in Santa. Although, he helps too.

Elsaco. A strong team, united by a single vision.

Founded in 1994, Elsaco is one of the main players in the Romanian energy service market.

Cai de Vis. The Estate.

Cai de Vis is more than a Moldavian estate, where people can spend quality time, enjoy nature and riding beautiful horses. It’s a small family business, run with a lot of passion and love.

Agritehnica. Performance in agriculture.

Agritehnica is the leader in selling agricultural equipment and accessories in Eastern Romania.

The Light Within

The Light Within

When I discovered photography it changed my life.

Varia. Your ad everywhere.

Varia is a mobile application that facilitates the publication and distribution of classified ads across various specialized websites.

I Bike

I Bike

Great for the body and powerful for the soul.