Agritehnica. Performance in agriculture.

Agritehnica is the leader in selling agricultural equipment and accessories in Eastern Romania. The company aims to be a reliable partner for its customers through consulting services, professional technical support and many other advantages.

Agritehnica wanted their position of market leader to be recognized in the digital environment through a new presence, more dynamic, more client oriented and supportive to the brand.

Dynamic look

NON developed a new website and a new identity that sustains the values of the Agritehnica brand: powerful, trustable, open and supportive. The site has a fresh and dynamic look based on a flexible structure focused on products.

User friendly

This way we emphasize new products and brands that Agritehnica distributes, we facilitate the search of second hand equipments and we interconnect these with the support that the company provides to its customers.

Surprising online presence

Though considered to be daring for an agricultural business, the new website positions Agritehnica as a strong player, a trustable partner open to opportunities, accessible and supportive.