Cai de Vis. The Estate.

Cai de Vis is more than a Moldavian estate, where people can spend quality time, enjoy nature and riding beautiful horses. It’s a small family business, run with a lot of passion and love.

Cai de Vis prides itself on being a special place, where everything is about the experience of spending your time at the estate. It does so by offering special treats to its clients.

NON created an unique and beautiful new identity, with a visual language appropriate for what CDV really means. Using the three letters—C, D and V—the new logo reflects the place's personality and represents a powerful symbol for tradition. We've rebuilt a new and charming CDV.
The new look-and-feel is more aligned to what CDV stands for—people, friends, and tourists as well. The monogram illustrates how well-balanced and authentic CDV is and the fact that, at the same time, everything remains the same: the people, the beautiful landscapes, the delicious food, the stories that never end.