Elsaco. A strong team, united by a single vision.

Founded in 1994, Elsaco is one of the main players in the Romanian energy service market. The company’s vision is to build smart solutions for higher energy efficiency and to maintain the status of national leader within their industry.

From a strategic analysis of the company, competences and skills, we found out that the market had the same perception; the company needed a long-term strategic direction.

Total Supply & Solutions Provider

We focused on driving stakeholder alignment and establishing a more consistent brand strategic vision, so we defined a concept and a brand positioning—"Total Supply & Solutions Provider".

New brand identity

After strategic and brand consulting phase, we designed a new brand identity which manifested in a new visual identity that expresses dynamism, emotion, impulse, expansion and growth, values ​​that are deeply rooted in the organization.

Brand architecture

The brand architecture responds to a monolithic model that seeks to boost the visibility of Elsaco as a group, acting as a guarantee when it comes to media undertakings and services.


The Brandcenter we have developed for the Esaco incorporates strategic capabilities for understanding and alignment across the organization with its brand essence, as well as style guides and online resource banks.

Repositioning strategy

The tool facilitates the entire organization's access to conceptual and formal elements necessary to understand and share the core principles of the brand and express them coherently.