Hybrid Server. The perfect tool for powerful marketing.

Hybrid Server is a powerful web-based e-marketing tool provided by the Belgian agency Hybrid Media. It offers multiple solutions for contact management, mail marketing, web/SMS services, and a lot more for e-businesses. Hybrid Server is a tool created to satisfy all marketing needs when it comes to online communication.

NON has developed the 3rd version of Hybrid Server and redefined the entire structure, functionalities and user experience. We developed the wireframes and the prototype for what had to become a more powerful, practical, easy to use application.

Key directions

We focused on three pillars: data management, marketing actions and campaigns, and marketing reports.

Track the customer journey

This way a complete marketing activity could be tracked and sustained, making the life of marketers from small to medium agencies a lot easier.

New product prototype

We treated all use cases, considered every flow and each functionality in Hybrid Server, thus creating the prototype of a new and more powerful product.