Varia. Your ad everywhere.

Varia is a mobile application that facilitates the publication and distribution of classified ads across various specialized websites. It is a simple and quick interactive solution for those who want to sell anything from a smartphone to a piano.

We designed an application that allows users to upload details and photos of their products and publish them on various classified ads websites simultaneously. Varia provides users with a greater reach for their ads and makes their job easier by simplifying the ad posting process.

Less effort

Furthermore, Varia collects the feedback and inquiries from all the platforms where the ad is posted, thus helping the seller get in touch with prospects a lot faster and without checking every channel individually.

Simplified process

NON’s focus on creating a swift and intuitive process was perfectly combined with the elegant design approach in order to create a unique user experience.

Clean, elegant design

The colour intensity of Varia’s identity was perfectly combined with a neutral and minimalist palette in an effort to create an intuitive path to guide the user through each step of the process.