Waasland Shopping Center. Interactive shopping experience.

NON partnered with Waasland Shopping Center to create an interactive display solution that brings the customer’s shopping experience to another level.

NON developed a complete and integrated app for web, iOS and Android as well, with a special focus on the user experience and a clear and intuitive design.

The out-of-box approach and the great customer orientation system, alongside the high level of interactivity transform this app into a great and useful tool for Waasland Shopping Center’s marketing efforts.


Building on this framework, NON worked with Waasland Shopping Center to redefine their marketing potential by creating new experiences for customers and staff.

New customer experience

This way customers can easily find out more about Waasland Shopping Center, including which offers best fit their needs and lifestyle.

Multiple platforms

Also, the app can be deployed on a range of different screen sizes and devices, from smartphones and tablets, to large interactive display systems inside shopping centers.