We put the business needs and ideas into practice.

Starting from concept refinement.

Let us help you define where you want to go. Deconstruct and rebuild your idea until you have a clear view of what needs to be done, how long it might take and what are the obstacles you can encounter along the way.

Idea and positioning.

The brand idea and positioning is the end result of rigorous analysis and insight. It is the vision, the clear, unique and ownable blueprint that will become the creative and strategic DNA for all future brand communication and expression.

Opportunity mapping.

At NON, opportunity mapping means understanding which tactics are working in competing products as well as relevant products in non-competitive markets, discovering unmet user needs in the hunt for new opportunities, and driving long-term product planning and positioning.

Customer insights.

Who are your customers, what do they want, and what sort of features and products will they really use? We’ve conducted hundreds of 1 on 1 client interviews, usability studies, focus groups and surveys that answer questions like these and help you use that information.

Brand equity measurement.

Brand equity measurement provides crucial insights into your customers, your competitors, and the key threats and opportunities facing your brand. It delivers benchmarks for measurement over time, key areas for growth, information on awareness, image and customer loyalty.

Competitive analysis.

What is your competition doing? How are they positioned in the marketplace? What can we learn from them, and how does your target audience interact with competitive products? Understanding the competitive landscape is a key input to your own evolution in the marketplace.


Brand architecture is about business results. By creating a logical portfolio structure, brand architecture gives meaning and structure to marketing efforts. It focuses resources on the brands that best support the business goals, driving financial performance and efficiency.

Innovation and growth.

We are using innovation from new concept development to extending brands into entirely new markets by challenging and breaking category conventions. Offering entirely new value propositions, fulfilling unmet customer desires and generating new ones are the basis for sustainable growth.

Touchpoint optimization.

We continuously increase the marketing investment effectiveness by touch-point optimization. Based on measurement and tracking activities we shape the most inspiring experiences and meaningful interactions that bring a brand story to life.