Believe in Yourself

By Oana Filip, on October 31, 2013

Believe in you, not in Santa. Although, he helps too.

Oana si Mos Craciun

Believe in yourself, not in Santa. Although, he helps too.

OK, long story short: as a kid I believed in Santa as much as I believed in my family: a lot. Few years after, when I was in high school, it wasn’t very cool to speak loud about Santa. ”What kind of person are you?”, ”Dude, grow up.”, ”OK, Filip, drop it. Funny once, funny twice, but now you are insane.”, people told me.

You already know the whole picture and story about being a freethinker and having friends and popularity and all that hipster stuff. At that moment in life, these stupid (?) things weighed way to much for who we were and stood for.

Last year, at my parents home, Santa was back in my mind. And soul. I remembered how nice and fulfilling it is to make a wish and dream big. Starting from there, I thought Santa is more having trust in something abstract, not in someone, so I wrote this note: ”Dear Santa, all I want this year is to work part-time for NON. For ThinkNON. That awesome agency where everything is wonderful everyday.”

Six months later I got the job.

What I’ve learned from this experience? Not only that Santa Claus is as real as we want us to be, but also that if you really crave for something and you feel it intensely, magic does happen. It was and it is a very long journey, with ups and downs, but bottom line, since this summer I have been living my dream. It’s becoming a great hit, day by day, and I’m grateful for that.

All in all, what I’m pretty sure of is that it is not about Santa, it is about much more: patience, desire, perseverance, trust, optimism, open mindedness and all those tiny things and attitudes who move the whole world in the right direction.

When in doubt, NON!

Oana Filip

Project Manager

Written on October 31, 2013