I Bike

By Adrian Mititelu, on November 4, 2013

Great for the body and powerful for the soul.

Blahzay on two wheels

I bike when it’s hot. I bike when it’s cold. I bike up hills and down hills. That must mean that I can always take one more ride, and one more ride after that.

Let’s not beat around the bush, bicycles are everywhere these days. From their impact on traffic to lifestyle, bicycles are a constant element of the fabric of city life. No parking fees, fuel or traffic jams. No licensing or insurance required. Urban bicycling is not just a way to solve the traffic problems—it has become a cultural movement. Great for the body and powerful for the soul.

I personally believe that riding a bike can be addictive, in the most cases for life. Understanding the details of contemporary bicycle culture can be challenging. Choosing to ride a distinctive bike—whether a fixie, a touring bike, an old-fashioned city bicycle, a high-tech structure, a beach cruiser or a mountain bike—means being related with a certain lifestyle and a cool way to express your identity.

If you haven’t already, get on a bike. That way we can have a bigger voice in our cities and move towards making our streets more bike friendly and you’ll look good doing it.

Adrian Mititelu


Written on November 4, 2013