By Alex Marciuc, on November 1, 2013

We start off on our journey in life with an immense desire to play.


We start off on our journey in life with an immense desire to play. Some might think it is just a trait we develop over the years, but I believe playing is in our very essence as human beings. We play with our fingers, our toes and our colored, noisy toys. Then we play with each other, we experiment and discover, we take interest in new things and games get more and more complicated.

Every aspect of our lives is contaminated with playing. We grow up imitating the people we see and their actions. We like to imagine ourselves driving trucks, flying planes, playing professional basketball, saving people’s lives or protecting the community and sending bank robbers to jail.

Then we grow up, go to college, get jobs and start taking playing seriously. We get together with other people, make teams and join the competition. Each step counts and winning becomes more than just a simple wish. Winning becomes survival. We fight, we spend all of our energy towards the completion of our goals, but somehow, this whole playing thing just doesn’t feel the same like it did. Winning doesn’t put the same smile on our faces, that smile we had when we were playing hide and seek with your friends in the park. We forget to have fun.

Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s saving lives, driving trucks or creating awesome digital products, don’t forget to have fun!

Alex Marciuc

Product Manager

Written on November 1, 2013