Three Lessons I’ve Learned at NON

By Oana Filip, on November 2, 2013

Here, at ThinkNON, we frequently challenge everything and accept nothing.

Oana fara mos craciun 2

What if?


It’s almost a lifestyle, a path. Creating scenarios can be dangerous indeed, but, at the same time, it helps us in the whole process, creative and non-creative as well. It’s a matter of choice if you want to take a shortcut or you are in for the long run, but, in the end, only one choice will show you the right answer for all the “what ifs”.

Having fun is part of the game


It is said that we shouldn’t let one single day pass without smiling. Well, nothing is more true than that and that’s why having fun is almost a requirement here at NON. We generate ideas, we create memorable lines and we discover smart solutions through the power of laughing.

Dream big


You know all those famous quotes about entrepreneurship, right? Well, sometimes, not always, they really work. Dream big is one of them. Since I started working here I have learned that there are no nightmares, just dreams that we wrongly interpret. And, believe me, it’s not about how cool is the project you work for is, the client you signed a deal with. In essence, it is about the people around you and how you connect with them. Not only professionally, obvious.

More lessons to learn and to come. Stay tuned!

Oana Filip

Project Manager

Written on November 2, 2013